Academy Launching January 4th 2020!

Following our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, The Digital Commando Platform will launch on the 4th January 2020!

The Digital Commando Academy is the Worlds most advanced Zero to Hero Facebook and Instagram Advertising Training for Veterans, Small Business Owners and Freelancers.

Created by Award Winning Digital Marketing Consultant Stefan Wesley, we bring practical experience and proven theory to deliver strategies and techniques that deliver real results.

The Digital Commando Academy offers subscribers the opportunity to learn Facebook and Instagram Advertising regardless of their current level of expertise. We take subscribers through a 3 tier learning platform allowing them to qualify and become certified level 1, 2 and 3 “Advertisers”.

Last month Facebook reported that there are currently 6 Million businesses using Facebook Ads, this is a considerable increase from the 4 million reported in August 2016.

Also, 90% of Small Businesses that we spoke to in the last 24 months that have tried Facebook Advertising, reported they lost money and admit they do not understand how to effectively deliver Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaigns, but can’t afford to hire an agency.

The Digital Commando Academy gives subscribers the opportunity to “earn while they learn” through introductions to real-time leads, allowing them to generate an income from the Facebook and Instagram Advertising Skills they have learned on the platform.

In addition to the online training platform, The Digital Commando Academy will support their membership community by holding exciting group meetups every quarter. This gives members the opportunity to network and connect face-to-face with like-minded Facebook Ads Experts in a fun and exciting environment.

These meetups will take place in London, Dubai, Miami and Marbella every 3 months so make sure to join us, meet Stefan and ask questions and enjoy a few well-earned drinks.

Learning Facebook Advertising should be fun and Social, especially, with such a complex topic. To gain new skills many of us have purchased online courses without any real structure, with boring instructors and with strategies that should work in theory but have never been tried in practice.

At The Digital Commando Academy, we have designed a course that is far more advanced than anything else available. Here are 4 things we offer at The Digital Commando Academy that make us different and shows why our platform is better than any other Facebook and Instagram training program on the planet:

Developed by Facebook Mastermind Stefan Wesley

and supported by his own team – their sole purpose, to help you build your confidence as a Facebook advertiser and get you momentum!

Everything you learn inside has been incubated, tested and processed inside Stefan’s own agency (Sigma Digital).

Meaning – you are learning campaign implementation processes that are being used on real clients every day.

Stefan also understood early on that – even the best marketers will need a second eye or hand as Facebook can be unpredictable, which is why you won’t find better support than what you’ll get inside The Digital Commando Academy. His team will go inside the campaigns to help you troubleshoot them and get them back on track or set up.

If you’re wanting to be the best there is in the industry AND set yourself up with case studies and paid clients, The Digital Commando Academy is for you!

We believe that by providing an interactive, premium training platform and pricing monthly subscriptions competitively, we can offer customers the best of both worlds when it comes to service and pricing. By utilising Stefan Wesley’s (The Digital Commando) proven expertise in Facebook Advertising, we offer our subscribers a superior level of training and access to an exclusive group of experts. Ultimately, The Digital Commando Academy will be the Number 1 most talked Facebook Ads Training Platform, well known for great results and leaving our subscribers excited and looking forward to their marketing journey.

Why I created The Digital Commando Academy

“Facebook Ad Revenue is continuing to increase year over year. This has resulted in increased demand for agencies to deliver this service and with the average agency charging approximately 15-20% of the total ad spend as a management fee we can identify quickly that agencies need to be working with budgets of £3000 per month+ for the contract to be worth it’s while taking on. For small businesses, this sort of monthly budget is unfeasible meaning they are forced to use large brand names such as Yell.Com who currently charge up to 50% as a management fee.

Over the past few years, whilst managing a number of digital agencies, I noticed that 9/10 customer enquiries where they were seeking Facebook Ads Management, had a total monthly budget of under £1000. This resulted in a rapid increase in requests for Facebook Ads Training. One of the main difficulties many agencies have is delivering ongoing training to clients based in multiple locations all over the World.

For this reason, I created The Digital Commando Academy, allowing me to share my expertise, experience and passion through an elite on-demand Facebook Ads Training Academy to marketers all over the World.” – Stefan Wesley, The Digital Commando

The Digital Commando – Course Content

Below is a brief description of the 4 Modules that make up the total of 48 Tutorials;

Module 1 begins with an explanation of the Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising. In this 18 Lesson Module, we will take you through everything you need to know to create effective Facebook Ads.

All of the lessons are on-demand so learn at your own speed and feel free to go back to any of the tutorials as and when you need to recap. At the end of the module complete the assessment to become a Tier 1 Digital Commando, this will allow you to sign up to receive real leads from paying customers! Tier 1 Clients pay between £0-$1500 per month (we say $0 as some people like to do a little bit of work free at the beginning to build a portfolio fast).

Module 2 takes you through 15 tutorials, step-by-step guide of how to create funnels for a wide range of industries. Whether you are using the platform to grow your own business or to deliver effective funnels for clients, we will show you everything you need to know. 

All of the lessons are on-demand so learn at your own speed and feel free to go back to any of the tutorials as and when you need to recap. At the end of the module complete the assessment to become a Tier 2 Digital Commando, this will allow you to sign up to receive real leads from paying clients! Tier 2 Clients pay between $1500-$3000 per month.

Level 3 is where the course get’s really exciting! In these 10 tutorials, you will work 1-2-1 with Stefan Wesley – The Digital Commando, who will go into your Campaigns and funnels with you on a shared screen live video call. After full optimisation, you will go through a practical assessment to become one of the Elite Tier 3 Digital Commandos, allow us to refer the highest-paid leads to you that pay from $3000 per month!

Level 4 is our bonus module where we have tutorials from some of the most well-known and experienced SEO’s on the planet! Learn the tried and tested techniques they use to rank some of the worlds leading companies.

Quarterly Meetups for The Digital Commando Academy Community

Having an excellent online community is amazing but to take it to the next level we will be holding quarterly meetups in 4 countries! Make sure to come along, meet the team and make new friends who are also Members of the Digital Commando Academy!

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