What is The Digital Commando Academy?

The Digital Commando Academy is the Worlds most advanced Zero to Hero Facebook and Instagram Advertising Training for Veterans, Small Business Owners and Freelancers.

Created by Award Winning Digital Marketing Consultant Stefan Wesley, we bring practical experience and proven theory to deliver strategies and techniques that deliver real results.

The Digital Commando Academy offers subscribers the opportunity to learn Facebook and Instagram Advertising regardless of their current level of expertise. We take subscribers through a 3 tier learning platform allowing them to qualify and become certified level 1, 2 and 3 “Advertisers”. 

Did you know?

Did you know, in 2018 the Royal British Legion and the U.S. Department of Labor reported that there are over 446,000 Unemployed Veterans living in the UK and USA.
How are our soldiers, the individuals who have made extraordinary sacrifices and who’ve received some of the most sophisticated training and leadership experience available – not returning home to the job security and stability for which we have led them to believe they’re fighting all along? 

As a former soldier, I know part of the problem is that lots of employers have a misconception. When I transitioned back into the private sector, some companies actually told me that my experience was “too military”. 

Imagine if we could create an Online Facebook Training Academy for our Veterans that provides on-demand tutorials, 1-2-1 support calls and a private community forum of peers for them to seek advice… all whilst matching them up real businesses that want to hire them as their dedicated Facebook Ads Freelancer! 

The Digital Commando Academy will provide Veterans with a sense of the comradery and belonging alongside the opportunity to “Earn while they learn”

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